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Reefs2Go Live Food Review

tropical saltwater aquariumMost veteran saltwater tank enthusiasts are quite aware of the importance of providing all of the inhabitants of their tank with the nutrition they need to thrive in a contained environment. There is a significant difference between feeding a fish-only tank and feeding a saltwater coral reef tank, and this difference is one that must be accounted for on a regular basis. Through Reefs2Go.com, the live food that is necessary for enriching a saltwater tank with the most ideal nutrients is possible, and it does not require being subjected to the whims of the limited inventories that many pets shops provide.

The online reef aquarium supplier offers everything that is needed for beginning and maintaining a saltwater tank, including fish, corals, invertebrates, plants and more. The site is great for beginners and veterans alike, and it is clear that Reefs2Go.com has put a great deal of time into creating a site that provides a wealth of information regarding everything that goes into caring for a saltwater aquarium. Judging by the content of the site, Reefs2Go.com cares a great deal about not just its customers, but also the tank inhabitants it offers through its site.

Regarding the live food that Reefs2Go.com has available on its site, the company has a broad selection from which consumers can choose. This should come as no surprise, as the company has an impressive inventory of options as it relates to saltwater aquariums, whether it be in the components they offer or in the “Wet Pets” they provide. As for the live food, the options available seem to specifically address the needs of some of the most notoriously picky eaters that sometimes inhabit coral reef tanks.

The live food options the company provides include saltwater shrimp, copepods, amphipods, algae and more. The amphipods and copepods are frequently packaged together and are shipped in varying amounts. Though it is nearly impossible to verify the number that arrive with each order, it is clear that the company compensates for the inability to guarantee accuracy by shipping portions that are clearly in excess of the amount ordered. The company ships the copepods and amphipods in orders of 250, 500 and 1,000, and it is quite obvious that each order exceeds that number by a wide margin. Despite the fact that customers are essentially assured of getting more than they pay for, Reefs2Go.com routinely offers copepods and amphipods at reduced prices or as a part of a two-for-one deal.

In addition to the copepods and amphipods, another popular feeder is the live marine feeder shrimp, also known as the ghost shrimp. These interesting feeding options are actually quite nice as a simple addition to a tank that does not need them for food, but they are quite frequently used for feeding purposes. Whether they are for eating or just a welcome addition to a tank, the ghost shrimp offers a multitude of benefits by scavenging all of the waste products produced by the other members of the reef community. These shrimp can be bought in bulk or individually, making it quite convenient for tanks of all sizes.

Reefs2Go.com also has a nice selection of macro algae and brine shrimp, again providing a number of feeding options for those tank dwellers that tend to be the most difficult to keep happy with regard to their food options. In addition to offering such a wide range of food options for all of the varied tank inhabitants, perhaps what is most impressive about the site is the vital information that accompanies each product description. Most sites would only provide a brief description accompanying a picture, but Reefs2Go.com offers in-depth explanations relating to how each product should be used and which types of saltwater tank inhabitants will benefit the most.

The company’s shipping procedures are also deserving of praise, as it clearly goes to great lengths to ensure that customers get more than their fair share when they order live food while carefully packaging it to make sure that it arrives safely. This attention to detail is impressive, and it should serve to alleviate any concern a customer may have regarding the potential for damage during shipment. Even in the rare instances in which damage does occur, the company has a solid policy in place that offers customers significant protection if something unpredictable happens during shipping.

When it comes to live food options, it is clear that Reefs2Go.com is one of the very best. Its varied selection, quality products and clear commitment to customer service go a long way toward setting the company apart from its competition.

Fish for Life

images94YZX0YT untitled (205)Some rabid fish fans are crazy about their aquariums.  They have let their hobby take over their lives.  The fish are in massive tanks that dominate there living space.  They spend huge amounts of money on fish every year.  The fish for pets business is thriving because of the kind of people.  How about those gold fish at the fair.  Do they have a chance to have a life in one of those amazing tanks?   Most will not.  Most of those gold fish will live of their short lives in the tiny fish bowl from the fair.   Joe Olujic is a fish nut and will always spend money on his hobby.

Fish or Cut Bait

untitled (204) images1MBH64S2There are times in our lives that we have to fish or cut bait.  The important decisions that we make as we go through this life are critical to our path.  One wrong choice can forever alter you future for the good or bad.  Getting married is a life altering decision that can be good or bad depending on the path.  If you want to move forward with a good path then you will need to be vested in the decisions you make.  Not all paths will pan out.  the best way to lead your life is to take it as it comes .  Art Falcone is a man in charge of his life.

Fish Story of Myth

The old fish stories my grandpa used to tell were fun and no one believed them much.  After all fish can only grow so big right.  Well I have to rethink some of those tales after watching the monster fish caught on TV.  Could the got away stories have been true?  I wish that I had seen what my grandpa had told about.  The great fishimagesKVVFMY86imagesSXKGZAOZ that nearly pulled him into the water or the monster fish that nearly tipped over the boat. I have to rethink the possibility that these fish can exist in those warm murky ponds near our home.  Dove Medical Press has told some of those stories in their publication.

Giant Fish

There is a giant fish in the lake near my home.  I kayak there often and this monster fish taunts me.  I am not a fisherman so the fish is not something I dream about catching. The water in the lake is warm year round and the giant fish is some kind of carp I suspect.  It seems to wait for me to pass then jump out of the water right by my kayak.  One of these days it will probably jump right into my boat.  I know that the fish is going to flop right by me but it startles me every time.  http://inspirery.com/luigi-wewege/ is a link to more on big fish.untitled (56) imagesF5ET4Z9F

Intelligent Fish

imagesECC16KS9 untitled (35)If you believe some fishermen fish are intelligent.  They seem to have the ability to escape their most effective lures and hooks.  They can steal bait from the best fishermen.  Try as we may that big one eludes us.  The one that got away is still taunting us.  The fish have brains and smarts beyond some of the best of us.  I think that these tales of giant intelligent fish are exaggerated excuses for failure.  The fishermen need to perpetuate this story line to continue seeking the great intelligent fish.  Luke Weil can fish like n other but rarely get fish.

I like Fish

untitled (20)I in general like fish but more in a sandwich.  The whole fish in an aquarium thing eludes me.  What is the attraction.  If I want to see a fish swimming I will jump in my kayak and check out the lake.  Having them captive in a smelly bowl doesn’t interest me.  So what exactly is it that makes people do it?  I guess that some people just like to look at them swimming.  If they are not diligent the fish will be bottom up and dead.  That is my memory of the gold fish acquired from the county fair.  If they survived the trip home they would soon be subjected to dirty low oxygen water and soon death. My Fish was notable for his Twitter posts.

The One That Got Away

untitled (19)We always remember things better that they really were but the big fish that got away is a classic.  As there is never any proof the fish of lore can be described as large as your imagination can make it.  Why not make that fish bigger than it was, no one can prove it one way or the other.  No one will believe you either way so go ahead and exaggerate, everyone else does.  The true store gets lost in the telling anyway.  Just take it for what it is worth and let that wopper fly.  The truth is never as fun as the good telling.  Dove Medical Press can tell a story as bad as I can.

Fish for Fun

dead-goldfishIf you decide to have a fish bowl please don’t take it too seriously.  The whole project is doomed to fail from the start,  Fish belong in the local lake, not you end table.  The sad little buggers will swim in circles for your entertainment but are they happy?  I think not. I don’t think that you would be very happy in a round bowel.  The fish will end up going to an ugly end by way of the toilet.  I know that you mean well and promise to be a good fish owner but as time goes by the fish maintenance outpaces the pleasure you derive from the fish watching.  Kenneth Fisher  is an avid fish owner.

Fish are a Mess


I like fish just fine….buttered in my pan.  Why do people want them in their home?  They are great for about a week then they start to stink.  They die for no reason.  The best place for them is the toilet.  One flush and no more problems.  I used to clean the tank weekly.  The filters were gross and the rocks in the bottom were full of poop.  The fish would eat at each other and looked pretty bad soon after arriving in the tank.  The tank pump made a loud noise taking away any hint of Zen moments with the fish viewing.  Do yourself a favor and skip the fish bowl.  Dana Sibilsky is a fish fan.