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The Floating Seahorse is a unique, luxury, one of a kind home in Dubai. The original unveiling was in March of 2015 at The Dubai International Boat Show. The Floating Seahorse is so original, the world has never seen anything even close. This is a type of retreat, similar to a boat but with no propulsion. These remarkable homes are located on their own individual plots in the Arabian Gulf. Each Floating Seahorse has three separate levels, the upper deck, one at sea level and one underwater. The master bedroom is completely underwater, and the… Read Article →

Brian Speier Freeport is a successful fisherman who humbly resides in the heart of Maine. With his unique set of skills and experience, he is able to use years of fishing wisdom to help other fishermen in Maine and around the country improve their craft. On his website, he provides a vast number of useful tips and tricks to assist people in Maine who are also interested in being successful during the states bountiful and rich fishing season. Maine’s known for having a diverse range of fishing options across a wide range of terrain,… Read Article →

For a healthy aquatic environment, you need to adopt good maintenance practices. You could just prevent time-consuming problems by maintaining your aquarium well and ensuring the fish roam in a clean and protected area. It also saves costs as you will not need to replace fish often due to the fact you will be guaranteed they will be in good health always. This might sound like an impossibility to many who have tried and failed before, but the only thing you need is to understand the key elements of aquarium maintenance that you should stick… Read Article →

Seahorses are graceful, intriguing creatures. They are also often misunderstood. No long ago conventional wisdom held that seahorses could not be kept in captivity of they would die. However, over the years that opinion has changed as evidence to the contrary has mounted. Nowadays people’s opinion on keeping seahorses has changed. The common belief now is that while it can be difficult, it is possible to raise seahorses in captivity. But calling keeping seahorses challenging is an understatement. These creatures are very sensitive and can quickly die if the conditions under which they are kept… Read Article →

Dr. Sid Solomon, a Los Angeles-area dentist, understands the importance of making patients feel comfortable and entirely at home as they await their appointment, which is why he has become something of an advocate for the addition of a well-maintained saltwater aquarium for both waiting rooms as well as all manner of office spaces. The key, of course, is that these aquariums are properly cared for and that office personnel feel invested in its maintenance so that the inhabitants of the aquarium are able to thrive in their new home. Obviously, aquariums selected for waiting… Read Article →

Koi ponds can be a fun and elegant design feature to be added to any backyard, particularly when the pond is built in such a way that plenty of fish can be included along with a variety of plants, flowers and even a waterfall or fountain spout. Nancy Behrman understands just as well as anyone that a koi pond must be structured in the most appropriate manner right from the start, otherwise a point of backyard interest can quickly become a frustrating chore. The key, according to Nancy Behrman, is to ensure the pond is… Read Article →

This review was provided by Halden Zimmermann. Whenever I speak with someone who has a freshwater aquarium but has never tried a saltwater tank, I always ask if they’d mind explaining why. In almost every circumstance, the response has to do with the time they would have to spend maintaining the tank along with a statement of concern that they may not possess the skill or knowledge necessary to keep a saltwater aquarium thriving in the way it should. I remember thinking in this way at one point long ago, but after seeing the beautifully… Read Article →

There are many reasons why aquarium enthusiasts put so much time and effort into caring for an aquarium, and having the opportunity to showcase some of the most beautiful and unique marine specimen certainly ranks close to the top of any list. While experienced fish tank enthusiasts rarely lack the confidence to include the rarest and most unique of marine life in their freshwater or saltwater tanks, others may be a bit hesitant to add seahorses or any other specimen that requires a greater degree of care. Kareem Elsirafy was once among those who felt… Read Article →

Ask the owner of any pet — it could be a dog or a cat, a fish or bird, or even some kind of reptile or rodent — if they believe that their pet is an integral part of the family, and the answer will almost always be in the affirmative. Many of those same pet owners will also be happy to add that not only is their pet a valued family member, but it is a near-equal contributor to the household. While pets require regular veterinary care and must be fed and properly looked… Read Article →

Fish, despite their small brains and similar appearance to others like them much like us with random look alikes in the world, can be highly intelligent to the point you might be surprised. ichthyologist Parviz Khosrowyar is nearly famous around the Miami Beach area. The different species of fish and availability of them is the reason why he chose to settle down in Miami Beach. “Fish aren’t nearly as stupid as we think they are,” says Praviz. “Many are very smart and they work together in their own community.” he continued.  Parviz Khosrowyar has been studying fish… Read Article →

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