The Benefits of Investing in a Floating Seahorse House

Robert Tweed
The Floating Seahorse is a unique, luxury, one of a kind home in Dubai. The original unveiling was in March of 2015 at The Dubai International Boat Show. The Floating Seahorse is so original, the world has never seen anything even close. This is a type of retreat, similar to a boat but with no propulsion. These remarkable homes are located on their own individual plots in the Arabian Gulf.

Each Floating Seahorse has three separate levels, the upper deck, one at sea level and one underwater. The master bedroom is completely underwater, and the incredible views of the marine life and coral reefs in the area are surreal and breathtaking. The sea level area features a full kitchen, a beautiful area for dining, and a living room with an airy, open plan. There is additionally a completely uninterrupted sea view, and windows stretching from floor to ceiling. There is a lovely glass façade, and when it is open, the sun deck becomes a part of the living room.

The upper deck was made for relaxing and alfresco dining. There is a gorgeous Jacuzzi with a glass bottom, a kitchenette, a mini bar and an informal bed. During the winter months, the deck can easily be turned into a bedroom, and the retractable drapes form a nice enclosure. The Floating The deck can be converted into a winter bedroom which can be enclosed with retractable drapes.

The amazing architects who developed and designed The Floating Seahorse are the leading architects in Europe. This is a part of the Kleindienst Group’s island project, and the retreats are located only 4km off Dubai’s coast. The project has been named The Heart of Europe. For additional information on luxury housing, please visit Robert Tweed.

It took just eight months for the first two phases of The Floating Seahorse to completely sell out. Since the project was so incredibly popular, a third phase has been announced by The Heart of Europe. This phase is called The Tzar Edition, and these Floating Seahorses are located at St Petersburg Island. The inspiration comes from the Maldives, and the design was created in the same shape as a heart. St. Petersburg is the perfect destination for a vacation retreat, with sandy white beaches, shallow lagoons, a big infinity pool, an exclusive bar and restaurant and lush tropical gardens.

The underwater area will be comprised of a lovely master bedroom and bath. This portion will encompass roughly 270 square feet of The Floating Seahorse’s interior. Just the other side of the walls is an exquisite coral garden of 500-square feet.

When the residents are at home, they will be able to watch live seahorses as they dance in the waters of the Arabian Gulf. This is the natural habitat of the seahorses. The residents will also enjoy the above water observation deck and the massive floating beds. There is also a convenient step ladder for taking a swim in both a safe exit and entrance. Some residents might prefer to simply dive right in.

The structures are approximately 2.5 miles from the shores of Dubai, so the residents can reach their Floating Seahorses easily by seaplane or boat. Once at their homes, they can use floating jetties to go between the islands. These homes are setting a new standard for truly lavish living. For some interesting information on a slightly different subject, please visit Robert Tweed.

Kleindienst is also trying to help restore the seahorse population in this area because it has become endangered. Kleindienst plans to design an artificial coral reef under the luxurious homes where seahorses will be protected, can breed, and live their lives in safety.

The rollout of the villas in the Signature Edition line was completed during the autumn of 2016. These villas sell for $3.3 million and encompass 4,000 square-feet. This edition includes four separate bedrooms, and additional rooms easily transformed into extra sleeping space. According to Kleindienst, these retreats can accommodate a maximum of eight adults and eight kids. They also use smart home automation for nearly everything, including the blinds.

The views underwater are impressive, and the master bedroom has an excellent view of the marine life. The coral garden has it’s own viewing area, and the first three editions have long since sold out. There were more than 200 architects, engineers, and designers involved with the project. This underwater fantasy was turned into a reality by experts from over 25 countries. Their hard work and dedication created a breathtaking sight, not only for the residents but for the marine life as well.