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If you believe some fishermen fish are intelligent.  They seem to have the ability to escape their most effective lures and hooks.  They can steal bait from the best fishermen.  Try as we may that big one eludes us.  The one that got away is still taunting us.  The fish have brains and smarts beyond some of the best of us.  I think that these tales of giant intelligent fish are exaggerated excuses for failure.  The fishermen need to perpetuate this story line to continue seeking the great intelligent fish.  Luke Weil can fish like… Read Article →

While it may overwhelmingly be the case that most fish tanks are purchased for aesthetic purposes, there are many other reasons that tank enthusiasts are routinely enthralled. The tanks and the marine life they hold are undeniably nice to look at, and aquarium enthusiasts have long known that a fish tank often serves as a wonderful conversation piece when visitors first spot the contained marine environment. A fish tank is certainly a welcome addition for all of these reasons, but it also has an unintended effect in that it quite frequently stirs an interest in… Read Article →

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