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Some rabid fish fans are crazy about their aquariums.  They have let their hobby take over their lives.  The fish are in massive tanks that dominate there living space.  They spend huge amounts of money on fish every year.  The fish for pets business is thriving because of the kind of people.  How about those gold fish at the fair.  Do they have a chance to have a life in one of those amazing tanks?   Most will not.  Most of those gold fish will live of their short lives in the tiny fish bowl from… Read Article →

There are times in our lives that we have to fish or cut bait.  The important decisions that we make as we go through this life are critical to our path.  One wrong choice can forever alter you future for the good or bad.  Getting married is a life altering decision that can be good or bad depending on the path.  If you want to move forward with a good path then you will need to be vested in the decisions you make.  Not all paths will pan out.  the best way to lead your… Read Article →

While it may overwhelmingly be the case that most fish tanks are purchased for aesthetic purposes, there are many other reasons that tank enthusiasts are routinely enthralled. The tanks and the marine life they hold are undeniably nice to look at, and aquarium enthusiasts have long known that a fish tank often serves as a wonderful conversation piece when visitors first spot the contained marine environment. A fish tank is certainly a welcome addition for all of these reasons, but it also has an unintended effect in that it quite frequently stirs an interest in… Read Article →

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