Nancy Behrman Discusses Potential Design Elements for a Koi Pond

nancy behrman_koi pondsKoi ponds can be a fun and elegant design feature to be added to any backyard, particularly when the pond is built in such a way that plenty of fish can be included along with a variety of plants, flowers and even a waterfall or fountain spout. Nancy Behrman understands just as well as anyone that a koi pond must be structured in the most appropriate manner right from the start, otherwise a point of backyard interest can quickly become a frustrating chore.

The key, according to Nancy Behrman, is to ensure the pond is positioned in the most ideal way in the backyard. For a pond with water lilies, a sunny spot is needed to ensure healthy plant development and to help prevent some degree of algae development. The depth of the pond is also important for the health and wellness of the fish, as koi fish tend to thrive when the pond is at least three or four feet deep. This is particularly important when extreme outdoor temperatures may have an adverse impact on the fish, as a shallow pond will heat up or cool down at a rate that will cause a significant amount of distress to the fish.

The walls of the pond should be steeply sloped to keep birds from wading into the pond to hunt down the koi, and a waterfall feature and a filter should be added to help keep the water clean and clear. Finally, it is important to include a variety of plants and rocks to ensure the pond looks like a natural part of the yard.