Dr. Sid Solomon Offers Opinion on Benefits of Office Aquariums

dr sid solomon office hallway aquariumDr. Sid Solomon, a Los Angeles-area dentist, understands the importance of making patients feel comfortable and entirely at home as they await their appointment, which is why he has become something of an advocate for the addition of a well-maintained saltwater aquarium for both waiting rooms as well as all manner of office spaces. The key, of course, is that these aquariums are properly cared for and that office personnel feel invested in its maintenance so that the inhabitants of the aquarium are able to thrive in their new home.

Obviously, aquariums selected for waiting rooms and offices should not require a major time commitment for care, but every kind of aquarium is going to need some type of routine maintenance on a relatively consistent basis. Whatever time investment is necessary will be well worth the atmosphere the aquarium contributes to creating within a waiting room or office, as the sound of running water and the presence of brightly colored fish and corals is sure to draw the attention and interest of the overwhelming majority of those occupying any waiting room or office.