Copepods Information

There are tons of fish sites out there with plenty of options, but how many of them have copepods to add to your collection? In fact, for those that do not know, what are copepods? Basically they are small groups of crustacean (like crabs, lobsters, etc.) parasites that can be found in just about every habitable freshwater environment and they are so SMALL!

Copepods make the perfect food for your fish rather than feeding them some man-made pellets from a bottle. You can get copepods for under $50 at Reefs2Go and your fish will be healthier, happier and probably thank you for it. 

Maybe you want to be a breeder instead of a fish feeder. Ignore the rhyme, it will save time. Copepods are able to be bred and even harvested! There are so many more details that go into keeping Copeopods as pets and that’s the neat thing about them, they have multiple uses.