Fish Care Guidelines And Aquarium Maintenance Tips

For a healthy aquatic environment, you need to adopt good maintenance practices. You could just prevent time-consuming problems by maintaining your aquarium well and ensuring the fish roam in a clean and protected area. It also saves costs as you will not need to replace fish often due to the fact you will be guaranteed they will be in good health always. This might sound like an impossibility to many who have tried and failed before, but the only thing you need is to understand the key elements of aquarium maintenance that you should stick to. Here are few tips to observe.

Aquarium filtration

All the water that enters into the aquarium must be filtered to protect the fish from getting in contact with harmful elements. For this you need filters and if you already installed one it is advisable to regularly replace the filter. At an interval of at least four weeks, you should install a new filter to allow successful filtration of water as it gets into the aquarium. Additionally, you should make sure you clean the filter every one month. A working filter will prevent capture unwanted particles and debris before they proceeds into the aquarium hence causing harm to the fish.

Fish acclimatization

You also need to understand that fish are fragile animals and when exposed to the wrong chemical conditions will die. So, you need to consult with your nearest store associate to know the right parameters for ammonia, nitrates, and PH. You could test these elements to see the differences and if the aquarium does not fall within the right levels it is important you consider to acclimate your fish. This offers the required protection from harsh elements and ensures you will not incur losses from deaths occurring as a result of the fish coming in contact with harsh chemicals.

Room to roam

Denying fish enough room to roam is inviting trouble and this should not be done by anyone as it deprives the fish of the comfort required to thrive. Don’t add too many fish in a small aquarium as this overcrowding might cause fatalities. If your desire is to have more fish, increasing the space is inevitable as this is the only way to reap from your decision without risking losing younglings.


Having a good tank is not the end of things as you also need to monitor the progress of the fish regularly, and if any signs of dirt are noted you should not delay cleaning the space. However, this should not mean you have to wait until dirt accumulates. Algae builds up quickly and to prevent this you need to schedule monthly cleaning of the sides of the tank. One thing to consider when building the tank is material quality because this is one of the parameters that will make cleaning easy. You could get good advanced concrete Tioga for the project.

Replace water

Also make sure to replace the water in the aquarium often. The recommended arrangement is replacing at least 25 percent of the water every month to help keep the tank clean and offer the fish a clean environment. It also helps to keep the concentrations of nitrate at safe levels. To perform this you will need to use gravel vacuum while siphoning out the water and debris.